ICOEF endeavours to help children adjust to their new way of life.

Introducing the Gastronauts!

Individual, personalised puppets for children who have bowel, bladder or intestinal diversions. Each puppet is designed to reflect the child’s own diversion with its own small ostomy bag, catheter, gastrostomy tube etc. Puppets are matched to gender and ethnicity and distributed to 40 countries worldwide.

Meet The Gastronauts

Each puppet costs us £20 to donate to a child, please help us donate more puppets to more children”, a monthly donation of even £1 will help us tremedously!

Please help us to change the lives of more children by providing more of these educational and motivational puppets! Case histories have shown shorter hospital stays and improved body image results for the many small patients receiving them!

A Forever Friend!

ICOEF endeavours to help children adjust to their new way of life. Their new Gastronaut puppet can teach them to change or empty their bag of feacal or urinary waste, use their catheter to empty the bladder or washout the bowel, or alter their feeding tubes etc. They also play a very important role, act as a new “Forever Friend”, a companion to attend medical appointments and to show their friends and family what has happened to them.

Since its inception in 2011, ICEOF has provided over 12,300 Gastronaut puppets worldwide. ICEOF works with Trustees and Volunteers in our various international bases who all help provide in-country funding via their health service programs and support groups. ICOEF is the ONLY unique charity helping children all over the world adjust to a new body image.