How to Choose Your Puppet

If you (or your child) has any kind of an external appendage, we can make him/her a puppet with the appendage in situ.

The following are some examples of the appendage(s) (we can provide puppets with up to 3 appendades – small puppets 5-large puppets)

Ileostomy bag, Colostomy Bag, Urostomy Bag, Mitrofanoff catheter, Intermittant Catheter, Supra Pubic Catheter, gastrostomy – button, gastrostomy – peg, naso gastric tube, Peristeen use, Enema use, (M) ACE, tracheostomy, Diabetic connection for diabetic pump – we cannot provide pumps themselves for the puppets but these fixed tubes can be attached to any make of pump that a child may have to show them how to use it., Appendicostomy, Bowel Washout, Cecostomy, Vesicostomy, Venal lines, Renal lines, ports, a.n. other

While there is no charge for any UK child under 12, who has had surgery to add a necessarcy bag, catheter, feeding tube, line etc. to receive a puppet from ICOEF, we would like you to make a donation in an affordable amount if at all possible. This donation will help another child receive a puppet.

Please complete the following online form, or email the details to puppets,

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